Welcome back to my blog!! What if aliens kidnapped you someday? What will be your reaction? And your mental state of mind? You may think that this is rubbish. But, in this blog, I will you about a real story of Alien abduction which happened with a man named Travis Walton and I will also provide you with the verified resources. So, let us explore…..

As it Happened: The Archive Edition - The Aliens Episode | CBC Radio

Date: 5 November 1975

At Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, the USA Travis Walton used to work with his 6 other friends. Those 7 people were responsible for managing the

Apache-Sitgreaves National Forests - News & Events
Apache Sitgreaves National Forest, the USA

trees and plants of that forest. That day was a normal day like any other day. After finishing the day’s work, those 7 friends got into their Jeep. And at almost 6:30 PM, they saw a huge shining light in the sky, which was hovering

in the sky. The light’s shape was circular. After seeing this, they decided to stop their Jeep. When they saw that light closely, then they described that object as a strange-looking circular object which approximately 20 feet above the ground, hovering in the sky. Travis was curious to know about that object. So, he went close to that object. Their friends stopped him from doing that but, he did it. After, going close, that object, which was a UFO, started to rotate at a high speed. Suddenly, a blue light appeared and the air was blowing at a high speed. And Travis fell down a bit far away from the UFO. And, one more time, Travis saw that blue light coming from the UFO. That light shined quickly, after that, Walton’s friends found him missing. After seeing this strange event, Walton’s friends decided to leave. They got in the Jeep and left the place. And they thought that Travis was dead. That strange looking like light might have killed Travis, his friends thought. One of his friends saw a UFO-like object which was going up in the sky on the back mirror of the Jeep. After some time, his friends were feeling guilty because they were not able to help their friend Travis. So, they decide to go back and uncover the mystery of that strange-looking object. They went to the same location where that strange event took place. When they went to that location, they saw that there was no UFO-like thing and their friend, Travis. That strange-looking thing vanished. Days passed but still, Travis was missing. 5 days later, Travis was found fainted in that same forest.


Later, Travis claimed that the Blue light on his body felt like that he has got an electric shock and after that, he fainted. He continued and said that he found himself in a strange room where he found three short and bald like creatures and their eyes were big and face was also big as compared to a human face. Their height was around 5 foot. They were wearing a yellow-coloured suit. Then, they made Travis lie down on the bed. And those creatures kept a mask on Travis. The time those creatures kept the mask, Travis fainted. The next scene he remembered was that he has fainted in the forest. He saw the lower part of the UFO and dropped Travis in the forest and that UFO went back in the sky very fast. Travis thought that only 1.5-2 hours have passed and his friends must have been reported about him to the police. And they must have been coming to rescue him.

But afterwards, he was told that he was missing for 5 days. During these 5 days, a lot of investigation was carried out and lie detector tests of Walton’s were taken. As a result, it was found that each of the friends spoken the truth. The forest where the UFO was landed, the Trees of that area started to produce the wood fibre 36 times more. After so many inspections, it was found that this miracle has happened to only the trees around that area where the UFO landed. Rest of the forest was normal. This is so shocking fact. Aren’t you surprised after reading this?


Some Interesting Facts

1. After the UFO incident, The National Enquirer which is an American magazine awarded Travis and his co-workers a $5,000 prize for the best UFO case of the year 1975.

2. After three years of this incident, Travis Walton wrote a book about this called The Walton experience.

3. Walton’s book The Walton experience formed the basis for the film Fire in the Sky which released in the year 1993, which is after 18 years of the UFO incident.



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